Fizan Compact 4 Trekking Poles – a first look

Yes, I bought some poles.

No, I didnt go with any of my original choices

Yes, I am pleased with what I have got on first appearances

Good enough a review? No? You want a bit more substance? Ok……….

Well, the Fizan’s were recommended to me by a couple of people as being light, packable, adjustable and relatively cheap. Having spent several hours on tinternet, I did concur that the Fizan compact poles, whilst being slightly radical in that they didnt have visible locking rings or clasps, looked a nice happy medium to what I required. The only issue was that although people recommeded the Fizan Compact poles (3 section), with a bit more digging but not much in the way of reviews I found that Fizan did a 4 section pole as well.

Comparing the stats for the two sets of Fizan poles, the 3 section poles came in at a claimed 158g each and the compact 4’s at a claimed 169g each. So slightly heavier for the compact 4’s but only just and both very light for poles and even more so considering that they are aluminium not carbon based. The size range for the compact poles was 58cm to 132cm so nice and small packed up but a decent size when extended for walking. The compact 4’s however came in at a range of 49cm to 125cm which is a much smaller pack size and yet still big enough for me to use! (I am only 5 foot 7). So in the end I plumped for the compact 4’s because of the small pack size, light weight and cost (£50) even though its not the usual design. I did try reading as many reviews as possible of both types and was convinced in the end that they were worth a punt.

So as to first impressions of the poles themselves upon arrival? They appear well made and very smooth in the operation of the sections and locking. I have been told that the aluminium will probably get dented (slightly thinner?) but shouldn’t interfere with the pole functionality. The poles come with carbide tips, small baskets and rubber grommets for quiet use on roads. There are plenty of spares and suchlike for the poles so they should be able to be used all year round and be kept up to scratch.

The weight of just the poles on my scales was 347g (9g over the claimed). With the baskets and rubber tips thrown in they topped 375g. As most of the multi-sectioned poles out there are a minimum of 400g and mostly 450g+ I feel this is a very reasonable weight for the Fizans. The handles feel nice and comfy for my hands but obviously use will determine how they feel on a walk. The straps are adjustable and feel comfy as well. I tried swinging the poles whilst marching up and down the length of the house and the weight and balance feel just right. Much lighter and the poles would feel insubstantial, much heavier and they would feel restrictive. Still time and use will tell me if this still holds true later on. I also tried storing the poles in various rucksacks I own from 20litre daysacks to 60 litre backpacking sacks. They fitted nicely in the side pockets of all without sticking up over the tops of the rucksacks or feeling unbalanced like they want to topple out.

So, all in all I am pretty pleased with the Fizans on first impressions. All I need to do now is go for a walk with them

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10 Responses to Fizan Compact 4 Trekking Poles – a first look

  1. Sean says:

    125cm, Dave? I reckon you should be able to leave out the middle sections and save a bit of weight 😛

    • backpackbrewer says:


      Actually I tried them out on 125cm setting and thought they were perfect until I discovered I hadn’t extended the very lowest section


  2. Robin says:

    Could double as a splint for a hamster 😉

    • backpackbrewer says:

      their packsize is tiny compared to most poles and I am really happy they stow so well in the pack

  3. Dave, I have the 3 section Fizan Poles. Light as a feather and strong too. The only downside is that the paintwork on the poles is easily scratched – not really a problem for me.


  4. Rob says:

    I used these poles on the Camino Frances (800km) and they were great. I’m 5′ 7″ and 90kg. The only issue I had was that one pole split, possibly due to over tightening the lock. But some duct tape fixed it! Scan down this page to ‘gear failure’ to see a video report.

  5. Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures says:

    thanks for the info and link Rob!

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